Andrew Marshall

We all search for something, and for me, that search began in childhood. I dreamed of music and fame, but in high school, my search led me down a destructive path of drug experimentation. Joining the military gave me temporary purpose, but partying and drugs soon took over again. Music was back in my life, but drugs and methamphetamines only spiraled me downwards. I ended up serving time in prison.

But in that darkness, God pursued me through Celebrate Recovery. I rededicated my life to Jesus and began to rebuild. God has given me the chance to use my love of music to serve Him and share the hope of Jesus with others.

Now, when people ask me why I continue to serve God instead of returning to my old ways, the answer is simple – this is better. God’s goodness, forgiveness, and grace broke the chains of addiction and opened my heart. If I can use music to point others to that same something “better,” then it’s all worth it. So, I choose to share the hope of Jesus through #OutlawGospel.