Andrew Joseph Marshall was born and raised in a small town in Northern California in typical blue-collar family style. Through no fault of his parents or siblings, he always felt the odd man out and was always searching for something to be a part of. He found music at an early age which kept him focused and occupied with dreams of rock’n’roll stardom. In high school, he started experimenting with drugs and got into trouble. Eventually he realized it was the wrong way to go and joined the military at 18 years old. While in the Army, Andrew dropped music as he was stationed in South Carolina, Georgia, and New York.

After he got out of the military and returned home, he found the same trouble he left waiting for him and got right back into partying and drugs, thinking it was the way to music success. During that time, he traveled around the West Coast playing in cover bands first as a drummer then as singer. He switched music styles from rock to country, and then blended the two style and started performing country rock or Southern rock. He was introduced to methamphetamines and his life quickly nose-dived. Within a year and a half, he was serving 5 years of an 8 year prison sentence.

He continued to use drugs his first year in prison before being introduced to Celebrate Recovery. Through that program, he stopped using and rededicated his life to Jesus. Andrew was released from prison in 2011 and worked to rebuild his life and marriage to wife, Charlene. He became a worship leader for Celebrate Recovery in his hometown for the next five years, while writing his testimony in the form of his first album Maybe This Time.  Andrew wants to share his story, especially for people coming out of prison, to show that God’s love is for everybody, not just a select few. He now tours around the country singing his testimony to anyone who will listen with Charlene by his side.

If I can come from losing everything to having redemption, they can, too, with Jesus in their lives.

Maybe This Time is a song Andrew tried writing in prison but couldn’t write it on his own. “It’s the prayer I was saying but I had conditions on it. I was still bargaining with God in that song,” he says. His friend David Mau had already written the song that said everything Andrew was trying to say. Andrew now works with David and several other writing partners to create a clear story of his testimony.

Watching Andrew on stage is a unique experience in the Christian community – he’s not what people expect from the genre. He doesn’t stand at the microphone with a guitar and sing, oh no – he’s mobile! Andrew is incredibly engaging and includes the crowd in every part of his performance and always leaves them wanting more. He also comments that he would probably swing from the rafters if he could – he just can’t hold still! Andrew is the up and coming Christian Country/Southern Rock artist to watch for.

I do what I do, as the Spirit moves me. No two performances will ever be the same, because sometimes, somebody needs to hear something specific, and as long as I pay attention, the right words will usually come out.

“Andrew Marshall is indeed an awesome talented Christian Rock/Country Artist that you need to add to your playlist. Andrew Marshall, once a renegade now a true warrior for the Lord, is on a mission for the Kingdom of God to free those imprisoned by the life of sin to freedom in Christ through song.  Andrew Marshall is very uplifting, inspirational, versatile and moving. His songs Get Your Praise On, Maybe This Time, In Your Arms, and He Believes in Me are all indeed full of the Spirit of God, moving, very inspiring and has a touch of Contemporary/Country/Rock sound to go along with the very touching message in his songs. You will indeed fall in love with Andrew Marshall’s music. Andrew Marshall is definitely worth listening to, his music is well worth adding to your playlist, and they are worth the attention he has received and his music artistry. His voice is Dynamic!”-Eddie Boyd, The Living in Harmony Show;  Listen to the full interview.

“Marshall’s vocals are akin to those of modern country artist Chris Stapleton… from the balladry of Redeemed to the edgier sound of Forgiveness (Sinner & Saint). [He] also incorporate a lot of pop influence to potentially broaden [his] audience beyond the country music crowd. I could imagine more than just country fans enjoying I’m Alive. You can also hear [his] love for Jesus in the six songs on the tracklist. In Your Arms tells a personal redemption story – most likely, Marshall is singing from personal experience, as his personal bio on [his] website talks a little about his past running from God and trying things his own way. I particularly like the lyrics in the chorus: I lost myself and I found the great I AM, and You’re reaching out Your hand, I know my sin’s so deep, I’m bowing at Your feet, and I’m made whole again. Whether it’s the melody, the vocals, the music, or the lyricism, Maybe This Time could appeal to fans of MercyMe, Third Day, or even Bon Jovi. Give them a listen and you might be surprised to find that you like it, too.”  –Scott Fryberger, Jesus Freak Hideout